Things that make me Sad

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We’ve got a glorious weekend ahead of us.  So I thought, “Hey, let’s discuss some sad things, get them out of our system, and then go enjoy the day.”  It’s all about catharsis.  Without further ado, a list of things that make me sad: 


Sitting alone eating soup from a grocery store deli (I sometimes do this outside Safeway on my lunch breaks).  

The state of cable news.

Hollywood Movies.  Everything is either a plotless superhero sequel or a badly reimagined fairytale.

The fact that Bernie Sanders is the only Bernie Sanders in Washington.


Firefly was cancelled and there’s no more Battlestar Galactica.  You’d think I’d be over it by now but, nope.  Still upset.

The middle class.


My news feed: everyone is either depressing or doing way cooler stuff than me.

Not being able to eat pizza twice a day.

Underfunded schools.

People caring about “deflate gate.”

The encroaching sense of ennui as we age, live pointless, selfish, disconnected lives, and die.

Running out of milk.

Poor spelling.

imagesAlarm clocks.

Being a terrible artist and having no musical talent.

Modern Disney Movies: Before, Aladdin, The Lion King, Hercules, Mulan featuring talents like Elton John and Robin Williams.  Now, some other formulaic crap.

How much time we spend plugged in instead of being part of a community.

… Now that you’ve read this, go meet up with some friends and enjoy the sunshine.  




  1. After having read your post, I don’t feel ready to enjoy my weekend at all. I really kind of feel pissed off. I like asparagus, I even like the way it makes my pee smell funny. I like superhero movies, and I can tell you the plot detIka to each and every one. I think Frozen is far from formulaic crap. It is a funny movie with an outstanding soundtrack. Who the hell are you to think a list of the things that make you sad is going to make my day better? Argh! I’m really getting pissed off. You are saddened by everything that brings me joy. You are an enemy of my happiness. yargh!! Dammit!


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