The Rewards of Hard Work

This week was a success!

I have this one student.  He is super fun.  He always wears basketball jerseys (usually Golden State or Cleveland).  He has a pet snake.  He runs 8k races with his family, which is amazing considering he is in 4th grade.  Best of all, he’s super enthusiastic and has a story to tell me about EVERYTHING.  It can be a little hard for him to do his work because no matter what we are doing, he’s constantly telling me, “I have a story about that!  I’m serious.”  And then he usually asks, “did you know that…” So I learn a lot from him and have fun doing it.  

But he struggles with reading. When he first started coming into the learning center, he was reading at a beginning 3rd grade level.  He worked a lot with phonics books and I had him reading out loud as much as possible.  On Friday, my boss told me that, “Since he started working with you, he’s now reading at a beginning 4th grade level.”  Since school is almost done for the year, he’s still a bit behind, but basically he jumped up a whole grade.  And that just feels great for me.

My boss is super supportive and nice.  She went out of her way to tell me that my efforts were paying off.  I love that about my job.  Of course, I don’t take full credit for the student’s accomplishments.  He’s a hard worker and I’m not the only teacher that works with him.  But it’s nice to see my work translate into real-world pay-offs.  Huzz-zah!  It’s a great way to start this beautiful and sunny weekend!

photo credit: Search Engine People Blog via Flickr


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