Silver Linings

After receiving frustrating news last week about my teacher placement, I had a few silver linings today.  I emailed my co-teacher to introduce myself.  She responded quickly and pleasantly.  She said “I’m excited to work with you too” and that I could contact her if needed at any time.  Then she said that she’d ordered a desk for me.  That gesture might be standard procedure, but I felt it was very welcoming; to literally give me a space in June months before I’ll even set foot in the door is a good omen.  It’s not exactly how I pictured, but maybe it will work out for the best.

And then, I got some more unexpected positivity.  I asked my niece (who’s in 7th grade) what I should expect when teaching middle school.  She got really excited and exclaimed, “You HAVE to be prepared for what comes out of us!”

“You mean stinky body smells?” I asked.

“No, the words that we say!” she said with a grin.  “We are crazy and we say A LOT of bad words.  My teacher says bad words, too, sometimes.”


“Yeah.  He says the ‘c’ word sometimes.”


“Yeah, sometimes he says ‘crap.’ I sit near him so he sometimes says it and doesn’t know I can hear him.”

“Anything else I should know about 7th graders?”

“There are A LOT of weirdos.  You have to be ready for that.”

Just like that, I felt just a twinge of hope that, maybe, just maybe, this might work out.  My co-teacher seemed welcoming and a real, live, 7th grader showed me how fun they can be. photo credit: Bruce Turner via flickr



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